Sunday, 7 November 2010

Governance and Responsibilities - Renewal & Development Committee

We have formed a number of different committees and groups over the past few years to manage the day to day running of the various fund raising, planning and development activities at Christ Church. These have made valuable contributions to the Development and Renewal process and have set the stage for where we are now.

It is important to have a clear committee structure so that everyone knows who is involved and what the decision making process is, so we have simplified our existing committees and groups and below, provide a list of the current members of the group.

The Development & Renewal Committee
Chair: Sara Tye
Members: Dave Godfrey
John Michaux
Teresa Michaux
Daniel Pitt
Gareth Hutchinson
Claire Beaton
Ian Walters
Mike Palmer
Ailsa Palmer
Peter Ford
Simon Stevenette
Stephen Grosvenor
Pamela Bridgeman
Lynda Fisher

A subcommittee of the P.C.C that exists to provide, both strategic and detailed, planning recommendations to the P.C.C. on aspects of church development and renewal. This covers:

  • Development target setting and measurement to enable us to measure the success of our plans.
  • Managing a strategic overall plan to deliver the renewal vision.
  • Liaising with specialist suppliers and consultants to get ideas and ultimately costs and plans for roof repairs, heating, lighting and sound systems, sustainable energy such as Solar panels.
  • Organising and managing fund raising appeals
  • Communicating progress both within the church community and in Swindon and beyond.A more detailed description of our full governance process and our other committees and groups is available in the introduction to our Annual Report which you can find on the website at: (or from the parish office)