Friday, 4 February 2011

Repairing the roof and Solar energy use

I’m sure the Church would look very nice with all the stonework cleaned but since joining Christ Church back in 1959I have always been hearing about the problems we are having with the roof. As we get high winds up on the hill one feels the roof is an ongoing problem we have to live with. With this in mind, and I’m all for having it cleaned,but I wonder will these stains turn up again in five to ten years time.

Having said this I like most of the other proposals, especially replacing the pews with chairs. I was very impressed when I met our PR Lady Sara at the first meeting we had at Christ Church. So I feel with God’s help we will get all the funds that we will need for these projects.

There is one thing that worries me and that is no mention of renewable energy. A few years ago when I invested some of my money in a wind farm I found people were very negative towards the project. I would like to say now that the return is better than I’m getting on some of my building society accounts. Now I’m going to have solar panels (PV) to generate electricity put on my roof and still getting the same negative feedback like “I suppose you know what you are doing“.

The way I look at it, is that this great energy we get from the sun, wind, and also these fast flowing rivers is God given and free so we should harness it. I know Christ Church is a listed building but I heard of a church that is a lot older than ours in London and they have there solar panels put on a building very near to the church.

By the way, I will be getting paid for some of my electricity that will be fed into the grid so I feel it could be a good investment for Christ Church. As the price of electricity is not likely to go down over the years I feel as time goes by it’s becoming a better investment all the time.There are now a lot of churches in the UK that are enjoying the benefits of solar panels, so I hope
Christ Church will be joining them.

Very Best Wishes with all the projects and looking forward to seeing the improvements.